A Short Guide To Picking Out A Bridesmaid Dress

There’s no reason to spend your wedding budget on a poor choice of bridesmaid dresses – your friends only deserve the best. Follow along these wedding planning tips so you can confidently say yes to their dress —

Plan ahead

Procrastination will be your worst enemy as with most things in life, but especially so with wedding planning. You wouldn’t be able to leave things to the last minute, since made-to-order dresses may take up to 3 months to deliver. If you put in the work now, you’ll get to browse with peace of mind and pick carefully. There are services that offer last-minute rush requests, but you might have to pay a premium for dresses that may not even work. At that point, all we could do is hope for the best. 

Consider your colors

Having a good sense of color balance is great to have – some of us are born with it and some of us acquire it, but this understanding is key when picking bridesmaid dresses. They shouldn’t be drowned out or jumping out at you, and they should be complementary to the groomsmen. Trust me, your photos will come out looking much more balanced and elegant.

Don’t let them take the limelight

It’s your special day, so make sure that you’re the main attraction. This sounds selfish, but you should be and it benefits you both! Be careful that your bridesmaids aren’t wearing something too overwhelming or similar to your gown. One rule of thumb is to keep a few overlapping elements to link your dresses together but ensure that your dress has more of it and to greater effect. Say if you have more obvious lace elements in your gown, you could incorporate this into your bridesmaids’ dresses in more subtle design cues.

The result? Squad goals.

Be mindful of figures

They may come in a set, but your maids may come in different shapes and sizes. Be considerate and take note of everybody’s dimensions – dress services will often accommodate this and still give you the same fabric and colors for each maid.

Location. Location. Location.

The adage of “dress for the occasion” should be amended to “dress for the location”.

Honestly, it’s so crucial that your maids’ style aligns with the venue’s. A church setting may require a bit more modesty and covering up, but a ceremony on the beach will allow for something a bit more breathable and lax.

Keep contingencies

The cornerstone of wedding planning – or being prepared in general – is to anticipate setbacks and worst-case scenarios. In this case, the tag you see on the dress might not be the final price. Final fittings and adjustments are too often neglected during early drafts of the budget, and you know that a proper fit makes or breaks a dress. But fit is just one matter, so make sure to scrutinize your plans again and make sure to set aside a plan for the unexpected.

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