I’m Done! Why I Left doTERRA®

Ask my husband or my friends to describe me and they will tell you that I’m a big time doTERRA fan. I use them to freshen up the house, put the kids to sleep, and to generally feel great! They have INSANELY GOOD quality and they’re my go-to essential oils brand…no more.

A new contender is shaking up the status quo, but before I tell you who they are, let me tell you the 5 reasons why I’m leaving doTERRA:

  1.  Middlemen & Pricing. I discovered that most of the money I’m paying for my oils goes to keep the MLM structure alive – approximately 60% goes to 6-7 different middlemen. This is why essential oils don’t usually come cheap.
  2. Membership & Monthly Subscriptions. Essential oils are definitely, well, essential, but you CAN have too many oils. Sure, it’s optional, but the subscription has me thinking that I’m saving money, where in reality I always end up spending much more than I’d like and having too many oils than even a fan like me could handle.
  3. I’m Just Too Shy. Whenever I approach my friends to sell, I get tight-lipped and awkward, afraid they’d get sick of me (they eventually did 😅). But even if the pitch worked, they find that they can’t afford it, despite knowing about the top-tier quality.
  4. Not Profitable. There’s not much to it. I wasn’t breaking even on my monthly subscription, and there isn’t as much profit to be had as I first thought. I realized that I might not be suited to this structure.
  5. Alternative Options. The industry is growing, and it’s such an exciting time for essential oils! High quality and worthy competitors are constantly cropping up by the minute, which brings me to the NEW love of my essential oil life —

Pilgrim Collection! I first got introduced when my best friend/wellness guru who was a doTERRA advocate for over 5+ years told me she jumped ship out of nowhere. I just couldn’t believe it. She refused to tell me anything and insisted that I try them out and see for myself. I still had my reservations, but when I got my package, I could definitely see why:

  1. Top-Tier Quality. Pilgrim’s GC-MS tested and holds an ECOCERT certification, which means their oils are 100% pure at therapeutic grade – the same as doTERRA! In fact, they smell almost exactly the same and my husband and I couldn’t tell the difference…except with the size of our wallets (we sure saved a lot of money).
  2. No Subscriptions, All Value. Pilgrim’s much cheaper and I have a strong hunch that it’s thanks to the lack of distributors. You get 3 x 10ml (0.34 fl. oz) bottles for USD40, while doTERRA charges USD22 for a single 15ml bottle of Peppermint (And that’s just wholesale! It’s $29.33 at retail). I’m also grateful that I’m not tied down to monthly subscriptions, so I’m essentially only buying what I need! They don’t sell single units, but they thoughtfully curate oils for specific benefits.
  3. No More Selling! I quite literally sighed a breath of a relief once I got my packet, knowing that I’m not obliged to sell to friends anymore. Is this what being a customer feels like?
  4. Hassle-Free Returns: 30-Day Guarantee. If you somehow don’t end up liking their products (GASP), you can simply return them within 30 days, no questions asked. You’ll get a full refund (#sohappy) even with shipping costs for those outside the United States – it’s refreshing to see a company vouch for their products like this. Good on them!

Update! (28.02.2020):

P.S. Pilgrim has a LIMITED-TIME coupon code: QUICKSALE. This gives you 15% OFF at checkout if you’re buying for the FIRST TIME, so don’t miss out!*

Here are my cute little bundles of wellness:

There you have it! My experience with Pilgrim was nothing short of amazing, and now, I’d like to hear what you guys think! Have you tried any of their other products? How do you think they measure up to the likes doTERRA? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

*If you guys know any coupon codes for repeat customers, please do let me know in the comments, I’ll be sure as hell to use them REAL SOON 🙈

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  1. Um…what’s GC-MS testing? Sorry, I’m new to essential oils so I’m kinda lost there.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      No problem at all, thanks for asking! GC-MS stands for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, which is the quality control test commonly applied to essential oils to check for purity and therapeutic benefits.

  2. How is Pilgrim selling their oils cheaper than doTERRA?

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      They don’t have any middlemen and advocates, so there’s no need to pay extra for that MLM structure and subscription model.

  3. Molly Hudson says:

    Does Pilgrim offer free shipping? I switched from Young Living to the Revive oils and I love them. Much less expensive and free shipping.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      Hey – Yes they offer free shipping ! Love the bundles they make !

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