BUG Repellent Can Be Toxic. Use THIS Organic Alternative Instead.

We’re right in the HEAT of SUMMER…

And you know what that means! A ton of…MOSQUITOES…

When I hear that buzzing, it can be difficult to enjoy the moment, whether it’s outside on a hike or indoors just relaxing. That’s when I pull out my bug repellent to protect me and my family, but I just recently found out —

BUG repellents can be toxic for our body.


DEET is a harmful chemical found in most bug repellent that can actually cause rashes, skin irritation, numb or burning lips, nausea, and the list goes on.1 But it doesn’t just stop there. Studies exposing rats to DEET have shown that prolonged exposure can lead to brain cell death and behavioural changes.

There’s no way I’m risking my family’s health.

I was desperate to find healthier, more natural – and most importantly – safer alternatives…

The NATURAL Solution –
Essential Oils

To my relief, I found out that my essential oils can also work as a pure, natural form of bug repellent! Not only are they great at keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay, it’s also just so easy for my family to love!

No kidding, even my dog Oreo’s a fan 🐶

Here’s a list of specific oils that could save the summer! We love these scents, and the mosquitos hate them:

Child-friendly, refreshingly aromatic, and therapeutic, essential oils became my absolute fave when it comes to keeping those pesky bugs further away and bringing my family even closer.

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My Choice:
Pilgrim’s Collection

You might think, “Oh no, essential oils! I don’t want to deal with MLMs 😭”

Don’t worry, you won’t have to, thanks to a very considerate company called the Pilgrim Collection.

I use peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus from their Purify kit to keep my family protected without breaking the bank! A single 15ml Peppermint bottle from an MLM will run you for $28.95. Meanwhile, I’m getting 30ml – 3 bottles in a collection – for just $40 (That’s like $13.3 for 1 – what a steal).

They’re also GC-MS tested, easy to order (kudos to their 30-day “no questions asked” returns policy!), and completely 100% organic, pure therapeutic grade with an ECOCERT certification stamped on for good measure.

Say goodbye to bugs and DEET with Pilgrim’s natural solutions.

Paired with Pilgrim’s very own effective ultrasonic Teo diffuser the ultimate 3-in-1 natural bug repellant aromatherapy healer – your home will look, feel, and smell good while keeping your family protected. Take your summer back, everybody’s doing it!

But hurry, this exclusive discount is only available for a LIMITED TIME and for 1ST-TIME customers only. Get 15% OFF with code QUICKSALE!


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  2. https://monq.com/eo/essential-oil-guide/essential-oils-mosquitos/

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to light…I know that I’ll be avoiding repellents from now on.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      I know, right? I had quite the schock to know i’ve been using them on my family.

  2. My grandma used to have lavender plants around in the summer when I was a kid, said that they help keep the mosquitoes away…now I know she wasn’t kidding ☺

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      That’s lovely! You should totally grab a bottle of Lavender oil for her 💌

  3. Miriam adler says:

    My son keeps getting bites when he plays out in the backyard (he’s just too sweet 🙈) What would you suggest to treat bites?

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      I keep a bottle of Lavender handy! Just rub some on his bite area and he’ll also be feeling relaxed in no time.

  4. A lot of people think that DEET kills mosquitos – I mean, it’s called bug repellent for a reason 🙄

    In any case, I hate the smell of repellent, so thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      Ugh, same here! Plus, I think people are just spraying so much of it because of that misconception…

  5. Leslie Conner says:

    The diffuser makes for such a beautiful bug-repelling hack…never thought of it!

    Love it, and I’m going to buy one right NOW.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      That’s great to hear! Might I suggest another hack: fill up a small bottle with water, then add drops of peppermint oils generously for a natural bug spray! I’m not sure about the exact measurements, but you can start there hehehe.

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