Why I Quit My Scented Candles 🚬

Scented Candles: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 🐺

Nothing makes a house feel like home better than family, cute rustic decor and of course…

Scented candles!

Naturally, I made sure each room in my new home was decked out with them.

But not long after, we found out our 9-year old had asthma.

I didn’t need university studies to tell me that inhaling any smoke for too long is bad for your health…

But what I didn’t know was that scented candles could release enough chemicals to make them comparable to second-hand smoke!(1) 🚬

There were safer candle options, like soy and beeswax, but apparently they still release soot, even if it’s half of what’s typically released.(2)

I didn’t hesitate to dump all my candles. Looking back, they did have their shortcomings…

  • They don’t last any longer than 35 hours
  • Wax is wasted since some wicks don’t go all the way to the bottom 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Fragrance oils can leave black soot deposits and ruin furniture 💔

Besides, what was I thinking, relaxing when there’s an open flame in the room?

But now what? How are we supposed to de-stress without stressing about endangering our loved ones (and burning the house down)?

Goodbye Candles, Hello 100% Organic Aromatherapy 😍

It didn’t take long to find a replacement! My husband bought a small ultrasonic diffuser, and my family was hooked – the essential oils were doing wonders for our nasal issues, the diffuser was easy to clean, and the house just smelled amazing…

All without the harmful smoke! My candles just can’t hold a candle to it (excuse the pun).

But then a friend told me about ZOE, and I realized that I was leaving so much on the table!

123 Reviews
Handmade glass and oak wood
Loved for its big water tank, extended run-time, and added functionalities, ZOE is the ultimate solution in home aromatherapy.

UPDATE – Pilgrim’s offering a LIMITED TIME discount for 1ST-TIME customers. Get 15% OFF with code QUICKSALE

No Toxic Fumes, All Natural Healing 🍃

My friend didn’t hold back on letting me know what I did wrong —

“Honey, you’re wasting your essential oils!”

“That plastic won’t hold up…trust me, that’s not gonna last a MONTH!”

“3-hour runtime? Girl, you have NOT owned a proper diffuser.”

I wasn’t thrilled about her roasting my diffuser…but it DID break down and start leaking! Not to mention, it ruined the finish on my favorite cherry dresser 💦 

She recommended Pilgrim’s ZOE…and I think my aromatherapy journey ends here!

I've found the one...

My #1 Favorite: Pilgrim’s ZOE Ultrasonic diffuser. A rare combo of beauty and function, this diffuser is an air-cleaning, germ-busting, anxiety-calming must-have for any home that impressed the press, from Brit & Co. to the Architectural Digest, and the LA Times.

They know it, I know it – ZOE simply beats the competition.

The Best Scented Candle Alternative

Water-based, non-toxic and comes with a breathing candlelight-like effect, ZOE’S leagues above scented candles when it comes to setting the mood. It ebbs and flows, and I never want to leave.

Plus, the remote is also a seriously underrated feature! Controlling your diffuser from far away is a step up from having to always monitor an open flame. It’s stress-free!

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Design

This diffuser blends elegantly with ANY room! It’s how I’m getting so many compliments for my “design sensibilities”. Meanwhile, you have to be careful about where to put and light your candles, and having too many around just makes your living room look more like a supernatural ritual.

Controllable light sensitivity helps too, which was amazing for both yoga meditation and as a cute little bed lamp at night.

Safe, Noble Materials & Easy Cleaning

The BPA-free water tank is encased in an elegant sustainable oak wood base, topped off by a handmade glass cover that has me staring longer than I should. It’s nice to not have to worry about melting wax and cleaning it up after.

Here, cleaning the reservoir is completely hassle-free and takes less than 5 minutes.

The Gift That Doesn’t Stop Giving

A 500ml/ 16.9 fl oz. tank means my ZOE lasts up to 12 hours! Nothing else comes close, and there are so many customizable mist settings to choose from! You can also pair it with essential oils (I use Pilgrim’s very own GC-MS tested Purify collection) and the air in the house feels crisp the entire day. The candles smelled good, but it doesn’t come close to making me feel as good as a pure diffuser could. Oh, don’t forget that they can be really toxic.

Best Value for Your Money

At $159 [UPDATE – $135.15 for a limited time! Use code QUICKSALE for 15% off your first purchase], ZOE isn’t the cheapest, but it’s definitely an investment for your family’s wellness and home. They also offer 12-month warranty and a return policy that’s nearly as good as Costco’s (As a mom, you know this isn’t a small comparison!)

And because they care about you, they also offer FREE SHIPPING + 30-DAY RETURNS! Kudos to Pilgrim, I HATE fussy orders.

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Trust me on this. Safe to use and maybe cuter than even my own daughter, the ZOE ultrasonic diffuser is my perfect solution for at-home aromatherapy!

If you’re ready to end your search for the ideal diffuser that the family will also love, then ZOE is absolutely for you.

123 Reviews
Handmade glass and oak wood
Loved for its big water tank, extended run-time, and added functionalities, ZOE is the ultimate solution in home aromatherapy.

UPDATE – Pilgrim’s offering a LIMITED TIME discount for 1ST-TIME customers. Get 15% OFF with code QUICKSALE

Meet The Aromatherapy Enthusiasts Who Swear By ZOE 💞

Still not convinced? Don’t just take my word for it! ZOE’s already making homes feel safe, divine, and certifiably magical.

“If you’re looking for a piece for your home that’s not only is going to be beautiful, but also serves a purpose – I highly recommend having a look at Pilgrim.”
– Tovah Novak (@mrsnewmommtl)

“I’ve been testing it in my kids room, waking them up gently with the light and then the essential oils and let me just tell you how different th emood is in the morning.”
– Mary (@healingcavelady)

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“…this is their ultrasonic diffuser. It’s got ambient light, handmade glass and oakwood. This is their ZOE diffuser – I’m super stoked…”
– Catherine June (@itscatherinejune)

Love it!!
I have been contemplating buying a competitor's diffuser that is way more expensive, I am very happy with the Zoe diffuser! It is simple yet beautiful and functions amazingly! I love that it has a remote control with multiple settings.
Verified - Syracuse, UT, US
Pilgrim - Zoe
The shipping was so fast. The unboxing, very easy and straightforward. The Zoe is absolutely beautiful. It fits so perfectly in any space in my house. I love the remote control aspect. It makes it so easy to manipulate the Zoe from across the room. I'm super pleased!! I can't wait to use it a bit more to get used to the remote buttons. Thank you PILGRIM.
Alexandra Peery
Verified - Frederick, MD, US
Love love love - need a 2nd
Y’all! This diffuser is bomb. I have it going all day in the living room and the capacity is 10 hours, and then I unplug her and take her with me to the bedroom for lavender while I zzzzzz. Already need a 2nd one so I don’t max this one out. Plus, the remote is cool and convenient for turning it on/off and different levels of light.
Debby Fischer
Verified - Houston, TX, US
123 Reviews
Handmade glass and oak wood
Loved for its big water tank, extended run-time, and added functionalities, ZOE is the ultimate solution in home aromatherapy.

UPDATE – Pilgrim’s offering a LIMITED TIME discount for 1ST-TIME customers. Get 15% OFF with code QUICKSALE

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  1. Chloe N.M. says:

    Thanks for all the research! ARomatherapy’s not as simple as my friends are making it to be. Definitely gonna lookk into Pilgrim now.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      Aromatherapy’s a BIG world! Great to hear you starting off strong with Pilgrim, and don’t be afraid to explore!

  2. I know I was hearttbroken when i left my scented candles, but with my husband’s asthma also acting up, i knew they had to go.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling 🙁

  3. I kinda knew they were bad to begin with, but i also never really knew if diffusers were worth jumping into until i had a look at zoe there. As decoration alone it’s enough for me 😍

  4. Melanie T. says:

    I wanted to find a way where you could experience essential oils more directly, but I know that ingesting them (even after diluting them with a lot of water) can still be dangerous. Diffuser’s perfect and safe for this!

  5. I’m the BIGGEST incense lover out there, but I’m trying to dabble with diffusers so I can get that all-day aroma.

    1. Wellness&Living4You says:

      That’s neat! A word of advice though, a lot of diffusers don’t typically last much longer than about 5 hours or so. You can’t go wrong with a bigger tank!

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